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Rhythm Music Therapy

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musicRhythm Music Therapy
By Marcela De Vivo , mother of a child with a severe disability and freelance writer who works with Oltarsh law firms.  Play is what children to do and they expend considerable social, cognitive and motor resources while playing, therefore play assessment may provide very meaningful insights about a child`s interests, functional abilities and behaviours 113 - 115 The selection of a play assessment will vary depending upon the developmental status of the child, the purpose of the assessment and the intervention plan.Autism Spectrum Disorders are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders affecting 1 in 68 children and are characterized by significant social, communication and behavioral challenges, according to the Centers for Disease Control The causes of autism are still being researched and there are no known cures, although several treatments have been shown to be effective.  Scientists call this chemical soup—which also includes the body`s own hormones, signaling molecules made by the immune system, vitamins, and other dietary factors—the exposome.” A particularly ambitious effort to tackle the exposome in relation to autism is underway in the Netherlands, where researchers are conducting the first comprehensive environment-wide association study in autism.
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Specifically, 39 percent of the people with autism in the study had a change in one of the two copies of the HOXA1 gene, which is located on Chromosome 7. (Remember that chromosomes come in pairs, which means your cells have two copies of every gene.) The percentage of people who had the change in one of their genes, but did not have autism and were not related to anyone with autism, was much lower (only 22 percent).A Cochrane review on music therapy for ASD found effect sizes (standardised mean differences) of d = 0.50 and 0.36 for gestural and verbal communicative skills, respectively 7 However, these figures were derived from small studies with low precision and using unpublished scales 7 A more precise estimate using the ADOS scale may be derived from the PACT trial 6 where an effect of d = 0.24 was found.
In it researchers from UC Davis examined children 2 to 5 years of age from the Childhood Autism Risk From Genes and Environment (CHARGE) study in California—a population-based, case-control investigation with confirmed autism cases and age-matched, genetically unrelated, typically developing controls, that was launched in 2003 and is still ongoing.In addition to these self-reports, all therapy and parent counselling sessions will be videotaped to allow for assessment by independent raters 33 As in a previous RCT in music therapy 34 , adherence to the method and competence in its application will also be monitored and sustained through clinical supervision of music therapists/counsellors, utilising the therapists` clinical notes and video-recordings of sessions where necessary.
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